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Wine rejuvenating bath

Service Description Wine Bath
Luxury gift for wine lovers. Try as early as ancient times considered the queen for a rejuvenating peel and what still regarded and professional studies for invaluable resource regeneration and aromatherapy. Wine simply treats ... and externally in a tub filled with about 300 liters of wine, but also internally with a glass of delicious wine in hand.

Wine Aphrodite baths; 30-minute bath in a stylish wooden hot tub, with candlelight and wine with a mixture of oil, wine and salt extract of grape vines. Experience the full, intense aromas of the grapes. After the bath, followed by a final intensive massage grape seed oil for each couple or individual. The price is counted sipping wine and snacks.

Experience tartaric bath contains:
original wine bath (30 minutes)
bottle of wine
relaxation on a bed (30 minutes)
massage with original grape seed oil (30 minutes)
refreshment - usually cheese, grapes, crackers

Price for two persons: 2.400CZK - 95€
Price for one person: 1.600kč -65€

You can also buy an hour-long version of a wine spa procedure (without massage and refreshment) for:
1.450 CZK - 55€



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