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The beneficial effects of our gold

The history of beer as medicine
More and more experts from various fields leads to the observation that this famous drink has beneficial effects on the human orgasm (organism). Beer drinking in a pub and revered by the ancient Sumerians, Assyrians and Egyptians. Beer here also played an important role in healing and ritual.
For example, the Egyptians believed that beer made himself God of the sun - Ra. So used since time immemorial for medicinal purposes. From the recipe files, listed cuneiform in the third century BC, we learn that already in Mesopotamia was used to prepare a series of medicinal drinks and ointments. What is certain is that the beer was part of drugs cough, toothache or a special anesthetic for difficult births. Beer and even treat poisoning caused by scorpion stings. Nowadays, this carbonated drink known primarily as a delicious drink that has a myriad of applications in preparation of many dishes.

3 Reasons Why Beer Spa

Its a beer bath health benefits?
The combination of mineral water and the beneficial effects of beer and raw materials necessary to produce it gives the beer bath extraordinary healing power.

What is the effect of the beer bath for my body?
Using brewers yeast gives our body the essential B vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and contributes to the overall regeneration of our skin, which in warm water relaxes the skin pores and this leads to leaching of harmful substances from the body.

Is drinking beer unhealthy?
Drinking beer itself during beer bath helps the intestinal microflora. Known is also the positive effect on cleaning the kidneys.

It is known that beer bath:

  • Improves digestion
  • Also metabolism
  • It stimulates heart activity
  • Increases blood pressure
  • Improves vascular patency
  • Prevents urological problems
  • It has antibacterial effects
  • It is effective against inflammation of the nerves
  • Beneficial effect on the gallbladder
  • It is added to the drug
  • It helps the liver
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